Soy wax melts around 130° F and therefore any wax-based products are susceptible to melting during the shipping process. Body care products may also melt during hot weather. Tortoiseshell Apothecary is not responsible for melted or damaged orders, and we cannot offer refunds, returns, or exchanges for melted or damaged products. 

We will be shipping orders M-W in order to avoid letting orders sit in hot warehouses over weekends. 

If your candle does arrive partially melted, simply allow it to cool sitting upright at room temperature or in the refrigerator. Once the wax has fully cooled and solidified, you can place the candle on a flat, heatproof surface and use a hair dryer on low to gently melt the wax in order to even out the top and melt any uneven wax on the sides. 

If your body products arrive melted, allow to cool sitting upright at room temperature. When mostly solidified but still soft, you can use a small whisk, electric beater, or even just a fork to whip our balms & butters if they have separated during the melting and reforming process. Allow to solidify completely after mixing before using again or use as a whipped texture. 



Please allow 5-10 business days before packages will be shipped. Business days do not include holidays or weekends.

Currently we are only shipping within the United States and cannot ship products internationally, but we hope to make our products available to other countries whenever possible :)



Due to sanitation concerns and the fragile nature of our product materials, we cannot accept returns for any products. 

As a small business, refunds are very costly and generally are not feasible for us to provide. If there is an error with your order, please contact us so we may find a solution.

If a refund is provided, any shipping costs will not be refunded. 

Orders may be cancelled within 24 hours. Orders not cancelled within 24 hours will not be refunded. Please contact us if you need to cancel an order or want to discuss other options. 



Tortoiseshell Apothecary is not responsible for lost or damaged packages. 

If you are missing a package that says it has been delivered, contact your shipping provider immediately. We cannot assume responsibility for packages once they have been shipped. 

If your package is missing an item from your order, please contact us immediately through our contact page to rectify the situation. Any mistakes on our end will be corrected as soon as possible. 

Please be mindful of when your package will be delivered. Packages left in the heat may melt or otherwise become damaged, and packages left in sight for long periods of time may be susceptible to theft. Tortoiseshell Apothecary is not responsible for stolen packages, so please be careful! 

We ask that you please do not file chargebacks for lost packages as they are exceptionally costly for a small business to bear. Customers who file chargebacks for lost packages may be banned from purchasing from Tortoiseshell Apothecary in the future. 



PLEASE double-check that your address is correct when you place an order! It's an understandable mistake, but one that's best to avoid altogether.

If you notice an error after purchasing, please contact us immediately. We still cannot guarantee that this error will be able to be corrected in time. 

If a package is returned to us, you must pay a second shipping fee to have it sent to your correct address.

If a package is returned to us and you do not respond to our emails or agree to pay for the second shipping fee, you may be banned from purchasing from Tortoiseshell Apothecary in the future.