How to Reuse Vessels

One of the great things about sustainable living is that it means you get more for your money! Rather than tossing out your vessel or recycling it, you can simply clean it out and give it a new purpose.

To clean glass vessels:

1. Optional: you can place a vessel in the freezer to help make the remaining wax less stuck to the glass.

2. Scrape as much wax as possible out of your vessel. I have a metal wax removing tool, but I have also used leftover plastic utensils, wooden sticks, rubber spatulas, or essentially anything that can do a little scraping that you don't mind getting wax on. I would not recommend reusing any wax scraping tools for cooking or eating purposes.

3. If you have frozen your vessel, MAKE SURE IT IS NOW AT ROOM TEMPERATURE BEFORE CONTINUING IN THESE INSTRUCTIONS. Glass that goes from very cold to very hot and vice versa WILL LIKELY BREAK from the stress of the temperature shock.

4. Pour hot water into your vessel and wait 10-15 minutes until you see that the wax has melted and floated to the top. When water has cooled enough, the wax will be solid and you can remove any leftover pieces. You can reuse these pieces in another candle or wax warmer!

5. Repeat step 4 until the majority of your wax is gone. You can now hand wash the vessel with soap and water and reuse it.


If you have more ideas on how to reuse vessels, reach out to us via tagging us on Instagram or by utilizing our contact tab!

- Flower vase

- Organizing small supplies in a junk or desk drawer

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